The Plaintiff, was walking up his own driveway and walkway that led to his front door. The Plaintiff’s foot came into contact with a sprinkler pipe causing the Plaintiff to fall and strike his head on a concrete wall. The impact caused spinal cord trauma and, soon thereafter, a multi-level surgical fusion was performed. Mr. Jowanna filed suit against the general contractor and the irrigation contractor for the Plaintiff’s home. The Defendants asserted that the sprinkler at issue was not a dangerous condition; was open and obvious; and that the Plaintiff’s cause of action was barred by the Slavin Doctrine. Mr. Jowanna argued that the Defendants were negligent because the sprinkler at issue was the wrong type of sprinkler and it was placed in the wrong location. It was further asserted that the use of the particular sprinkler violated the Pasco County Land Use Code because the area at issue required micro-irrigation and the sprinkler used was not specifically designed for micro-irrigation applications.