With the United States facing a worldwide pandemic, family law attorneys in Tampa and surrounding areas such as Pasco County, as well as around the nation, are discovering that some parents are taking advantage of the situation for personal gain in their custody and child support cases.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are approximately 18 million healthcare workers in the U.S. In some small communities, healthcare accounts for many of the jobs and can be a primary employer. Nevertheless, considering the potential hazards posed by COVID-19, being a healthcare worker now poses potential challenges when it comes to parenting. Increasingly, some parents are using this situation to argue for sole custody. They may argue that parent healthcare workers create a danger for minor children. They may claim that parents working in a hospital or doctor’s office should give up their right to see their minor children for an undefined period of time, simply due to their careers.

While there may be dangers, healthcare professionals should not be singled out. Many Americans work in essential businesses that are public-facing and can be exposed to the virus. Therefore, it is important that a parent who is facing this type of custody dispute hire an experienced Tampa area, Pasco County family law custody lawyer. While there may be some risks, there are also many arguments in favor of healthcare professionals being actively involved with their children – despite a pandemic. For instance:

  • Education and understanding. Healthcare professionals often have superior education and understanding of medical issues, which can be a great advantage in times of health crisis.
  • Knowledge and training. Because of a health professional’s advanced training and knowledge, they may have a better ability to identify signs and symptoms of disease, making them a benefit to minor children in this difficult time.
  • Access to care. By being employed in healthcare environments, many healthcare workers are in a terrific position to obtain care should anything happen.

Keep in mind that nurses and doctors are not alone in suffering from COVID-related divorce and custody disputes. Many people working in fast food, government, law enforcement, and other essential services may discover that an ex-spouse or partner may attempt to take custody of their children, due to a perceived increase in risks. For sure, each case is unique. There may be rare cases where one parent has an extremely high-risk job which puts him or her and the entire family in additional jeopardy. These cases should be handled with the skill, care, and sensitivity they deserve.

Throughout the Tampa Bay area, The Law Offices of Mathew J. Jowanna, P.A. continues to provide excellent service to the community by helping families work through complex family law issues – including custody, child support, divorce, and more. These are indeed uncertain times that demand creativity and the ability to draw on decades of legal experience.

Do not allow someone to exploit a crisis to take your children or modify your existing arrangement until you speak with an experienced custody attorney. Often, just a few minutes with one of our skilled attorneys will provide comfort and peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about the firm and how we might be able to help.