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Unfortunately, many assume their personal injury lawsuit will take too long before it’s finalized. While it’s true some cases will take longer than others, there are many factors that can influence how long a lawsuit can take. As such, it’s crucial to understand these elements to ensure you prepare yourself to endure the process to receive the compensation you deserve. Keep reading to learn more about what can impact the length of a case and discover how a Wesley Chapel, FL personal injury lawyer can assist you through this process.

What Are the Steps in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Before filing a personal injury claim, it’s essential to understand the statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Florida. You will generally have two years from the date of your injury to file a claim against the negligent party. However, the sooner you file, the sooner you can move on from the incident.

Once you have an attorney and have filed the necessary paperwork, you can proceed with the case. The first step is the discovery process, which can take six months to one year. During this period, each side will collect evidence relevant to the case and exchange documents. After the discovery period, you may attempt to settle the case. If an agreement cannot be reached, you’ll proceed to trial.

During the trial, each side will present their case and speak to witnesses. Once the sides have presented their arguments, the jury will convene to decide and deliver a verdict. Unfortunately, this may not be the end, as some defendants may appeal the decision. If there is no appeal, you can collect the award.

What Factors Will Influence How Long My Case Takes?

Generally, a personal injury case can take anywhere from one to three years, on average. However, there are factors that can make this longer or shorter. For example, the complexities of your case can impact the timing. If you are in a simple car crash, it may not take as long to determine fault as it would if you were the victim of medical malpractice.

Similarly, if your court system is overwhelmed, it can take longer for your case to be heard, if you and the other party are unable to settle on an award amount. Unfortunately, dates can change as cancelations occur.

Finally, the amount of damages can cause your case to take a while. If the damages are a couple of thousand dollars, it may not take as long. However, damages over $100,000 can extend the length of your case.

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