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When a loved one passes away, trying to navigate handling their estate while also dealing with the complex feelings of grief can be a challenging process. As such, understanding the probate process is vital to helping make this difficult time less overwhelming. Keep reading to learn how long you can expect probate to take in Florida and discover why you need a probate lawyer in Pasco County, FL to help you through this process.

What Does the Probate Process Include?

Probate is the legal process in which someone’s estate is validated and distributed upon their passing. If the deceased has a will, the process will formally recognize it. Similarly, the probate court will identify assets and debts before distributing the assets according to the will of the deceased. Generally, this process involves authenticating and validating a will to ensure it complies with the laws.

Generally, if someone passes away with a will, the executor is responsible for handling probate with the court. If there is no will, the court will appoint an administrator to oversee the process.

How Long Can I Expect the Probate Process to Take?

Probate can be a long and complex process. However, this depends on the kind of probate the estate enters. For example, summary administration can take less than a month, assuming all the paperwork filed is correct. This option is available when the estate is worth less than $75,000 and all the bills are paid. Similarly, the heirs must all consent to this process.

However, the formal probate process can take at least six months, assuming everything goes smoothly. However, if there are disputes or litigation, this can drag the process out. Formal probate occurs when none of the aforementioned qualifications are met. This includes more complex estates and heirs who cannot agree on how to handle the estate.

What Should I Do if I Need Help or Have Questions?

Unfortunately, probate can be a complex process. However, enlisting the assistance of an experienced attorney to help you navigate this process can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with these proceedings.

Because probate is necessary to ensure the estate is settled before beneficiaries can receive their rightful inheritance, ensuring it is properly managed can make this process considerably less overwhelming for the executors. An attorney has the knowledge and experience necessary to answer any questions and provide sound advice to those enduring this complex legal matter.

When you need assistance navigating the probate process in Florida after the passing of your loved one, the Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna can help you through this tough time. Our dedicated legal team understands the grief you’re experiencing during this time and we will do everything possible to make this process as manageable as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.