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Unfortunately, those who suffer personal injuries due to another person’s negligence may be unable to live the life they once enjoyed. As a result, they will likely experience a loss of enjoyment of life, which is unfortunately common for those who have suffered severe injuries. If you were hurt and cannot do the things that once brought you joy because of your injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Continue reading to learn more and discover how a Wesley Chapel, FL personal injury lawyer can help you.

How Do Florida Courts Determine Loss of Enjoyment of Life?

When determining whether a loss of enjoyment of life has occurred, the courts will look at how the injury impacts your life and your ability to enjoy activities you once participated in.

Generally, the court will consider the activities you once enjoyed and your ability to engage in them moving forward. For example, those who play sports may be unable to participate after an accident that has left them paralyzed. Similarly, if the injured party is a model who suffers disfigurement, they may lose the ability to work. As such, the athlete and model would likely qualify for damages from loss of enjoyment of life, as they can no longer live a life they once enjoyed as a direct result of their injuries.

How Are These Damages Calculated?

When an accident happens, the courts will generally consider the damages, including economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are much easier to award as they are quantifiable amounts. Medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and lost wages are easy to calculate since they come with a price.

Non-economic damages, however, are much more subjective. After all, it can be challenging to put a price tag on someone’s happiness. As such, the courts will consider a significant amount of information when determining how much compensation someone suffering should receive. This includes the severity of their injuries, how old they are, and their ability to enjoy the things they once participated in.

Doctors may testify to the extent and severity of your injuries, while friends and family may provide evidence of the life you lived before the accident. For example, they may share photos and stories of your achievements as an athlete or how much you enjoyed your job as a construction worker. This can help prove to the jury how much your injuries have prevented you from living a typical life.

When hurt due to another party’s negligence, you should receive the justice you deserve. At the Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna, our dedicated legal team will fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve. Though you may be unable to participate in the activities you once enjoyed, monetary compensation can help soften the damage a negligent person has caused you. Contact our offices today to learn more about how we can assist you.