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Pasco County, FL Post-Judgment Lawyer

Life changes fast, and in the months or years following a divorce, it’s only normal for things to change–often significantly. In many cases, these changes require a modification to an initial divorce agreement to better reflect the individual’s current situation in life. Another issue that frequently arises after divorce is one spouse failing to comply with the initial divorce order. Fortunately, a seasoned post-judgment lawyer can help with either of these issues. Contact The Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna, P.A. today to learn more about how we can assist you.

Post-Judgment Modification & Enforcement Lawyer | Here for Families in FL

It’s important that your divorce agreement is fair and works as well as possible for everyone involved. If your life has changed, significantly, your divorce agreement should reflect that. If your ex is neglecting to follow your agreement, it can unfairly impact you and your children. For either scenario, a dedicated Pasco County, FL family law attorney from our firm can assist you.

Common Reasons for Post-Judgment Modifications

To get a post-judgment modification, you will need to prove that there has been an unforeseen, significant, and continuing change in circumstances. Just some of the most common scenarios that may warrant post-judgment modifications are as follows:

  • A significant change in financial circumstances, such as a loss of income or a significant boost in income
  • A change in the health or well-being of a child, such as a medical condition or a disability
  • A change in the marital status of either party, such as remarriage, which may warrant termination of alimony payments
  • The discovery of previously undisclosed assets or debts
  • A change in the parental fitness of either parent, such as developing a substance abuse issue or exposing a child to an incident of domestic abuse
  • A change in the living situation of either party, such as one parent wanting to move out of state with the child

Ultimately, every case is different, and there is no guarantee that any scenario will definitely warrant a modification to a divorce agreement, which is why if you’re seeking a modification, you should strongly consider speaking with a competent attorney who can advocate for your interests, every step of the way.

Common Issues That May Warrant Enforcement

When one party fails to abide by the terms of a given divorce or family law agreement, the other party can file a motion for enforcement. Just some scenarios that may warrant enforcement of an existing order are as follows:

  • One party refusing to make regular child support payments
  • One party failing to abide by the child custody agreement
  • One party refusing to make regular alimony payments
  • One party moving away with their child, despite what’s ordered in the custody agreement
  • One parent not allowing the other to see the child in accordance with the court-order visitation schedule

If your ex is refusing to abide by any of the terms set out in your divorce agreement, speak with a seasoned post-judgment modification & enforcement lawyer from our firm today.

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