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Pasco County, FL Premises Liability Lawyer

When someone is lawfully on another person’s property and is harmed due to unsafe premises conditions, there is a strong chance they are entitled to financial compensation to help them deal with the damages they’ve incurred. If you’ve been hurt under these circumstances, you can turn to a seasoned Pasco County, FL premises liability lawyer from The Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna, P.A. to fight for you.

Premises Liability Lawyer | Fighting for Injured Clients in Pasco County, Florida

If you’ve suffered harm due to unsafe property conditions, you should strongly consider hiring a dedicated Wesley Chapel, FL personal injury lawyer who can help you gather and present sufficient evidence to satisfy the burden of proof and recover the compensation you deserve. Our firm has decades of combined legal experience representing victims of negligence in Florida, and we stand ready to put that experience to work for you.

Common Property Hazards

Serious injuries can occur due to a wide range of safety hazards. Just some of the property hazards that we see commonly lead to serious accidents and injuries are as follows:

  • Spilled liquids, waxed floors and other slippery surfaces
  • Poor lighting
  • An absence of security personnel or security cameras where needed
  • Certain fire or electrical hazards, such as faulty wiring or outdated circuit breakers
  • Mold or asbestos
  • Radon gas
  • Chemical hazards
  • Building code violations

If you were injured on someone else’s property due to any of the aforementioned hazards, you will likely have a valid premises liability claim, but you’ll need a competent attorney in your corner who can help guide you through the process.

Different Categories of Visitors

Before you file your premises liability claim, you should understand that there are different types of visitors, and the type you are in a given situation may influence the outcome of your premises liability claim. The three categories are invitees, licensees and trespassers. Invitees are invited onto a property for a specific purpose (e.g. if your friend invites you over for a barbecue, you’re an invitee. Licensees are people who are on a property with permission of the property owner but not for a specific purpose.

If you are an invitee or a licensee and are injured due to dangerous property conditions, you should be entitled to compensation. However, if you are a trespasser, meaning you were unlawfully on a given property, the property owner is not responsible for the injuries you sustained and you most likely will not be entitled to financial compensation.

Proving a Premises Liability Claim

To win a premises liability claim, you and your attorney will have to gather and present evidence, such as surveillance footage, witness testimony, medical documentation, or pictures of the property hazard, that proves the following:

  • The property owner either knew or should have known of the dangerous property condition.
  • The property owner failed to take reasonable steps to remedy the issue or, at the very least, warn visitors of the issue.
  • You unknowingly encountered the hazard and, as a result, sustained an injury.
  • The injury resulted in damages, such as expensive medical bills, time missed from work, pain and suffering and more.

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The bottom line is that property owners here in the state of Florida are legally obligated to exercise reasonable care to protect visitors from dangerous property conditions. When they fail to abide by this duty and someone is hurt, that person deserves to be adequately compensated. If you’re looking to file a premises liability claim, simply contact The Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna, P.A. for a free case evaluation today.

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