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I had a slip and fall incident at a local store and sustained injuries. I contacted The Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna and found everyone to be very professional, courteous and ready to do whatever it took to work on my case. They kept me fully informed. Needless to say, it was a pleasure working with them and I would gladly recommend them to anyone in need of professional legal services.

A smiling man with dark hair named Chandra Sekhar wearing a plaid shirt, standing outdoors with mountains and buildings blurred in the background.
Chandra Sekhar

My million thanks to Matt, and to his staff, for all the hard work and time on my case. I was very much impressed for the fantastic job. Thank you, thank you and thank you for all the help. God bless you all, and more power to The Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna.

A woman with shoulder-length dark hair wearing a green striped dress and a black choker necklace. She is indoors, with an orange background, posing as Eulalia Woodhouse.
Eulalia Woodhouse

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna have been a great help to me and my family. They are very professional and courteous. They always make situations clear and explain the legal process every step of the way, leaving no questions unanswered. I would definitely use them again in the future, and also recommend them to friends, family and business associates.

Close-up selfie of Scottie Garcia, a middle-aged bald man wearing glasses and a white shirt, inside an office setting with a blue background.
Scottie Garcia

My wife and I are so glad to have found Mr. Jowanna and his law firm. Our previous attorney was unable to even finish our case. But, thankfully, Mr. Jowanna stepped right up and gave us the legal representation we needed. He treats us like people with a need, and not just another case number.

A close-up photo of a smiling man holding a white dog with dark patches around its eyes. The background is blurred, highlighting the affectionate interaction between the man, named Paul Short, and the dog
Paul Short

We had a wonderful experience with the Jowanna Law Firm. They were always very clear and upfront with us about our expectations and the potential outcomes with our case. While we checked with other law firms in the area, we decided on The Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna because we felt they were the most knowledgeable, most friendly and most affordable in the area.

A smiling man and woman, Jessica and Gregory, with matching green polo shirts stand together at a wedding, with greenery and a white columned structure in the background.
Jessica & Gregory Cross

The Jowanna Law Firm is one of high ethical standards. The firm is most attentive to its clients. I am happy that I chose this firm. They were most diligent in handling my case, much to my satisfaction.

Close-up portrait of John J. Keane, an elderly caucasian man with a gentle smile, wearing a light-colored shirt, set against a softly blurred green background.
John J. Keane

Our experience with the Jowanna Law Firm was first-rate. Our attorney was proficient and the staff couldn’t have been better. Any questions we had were answered in a timely manner. We were able to look over our documents several times before signing – which made us feel very secure. We would recommend this pleasant, highly capable legal team to anyone.

An elderly couple, Steven Cerritto and Mary Cerritto, smiling closely for a selfie, with Steven wearing a gray shirt and Mary in a red blouse. They seem happy and affectionate.
Steven and Mary Cerritto

You guys are AWESOME! Thank you so much for the help. You picked up the ball and ran with it after someone else dropped it. Everything Mr. Jowanna said you guys would do, you did. I can’t thank you enough and I would recommend your firm to anyone.

A side profile of a smiling, middle-aged caucasian man named Robert McLaughlin with a beard, wearing a gray suit and looking towards the camera.
Robert McLaughlin

My attorney at The Law Offices of Matthew J. Jowanna handled my probate case thoroughly and expeditiously. I was kept informed at every step of the process. I can highly recommend everyone at this law firm to my friends, and I plan to call on them again in the future for any of my legal needs. I can say with confidence that they will get the job done, and done right!

Close-up portrait of Linda Alvarez, an elderly woman with short brown hair, wearing earrings and a red blouse, smiling slightly at the camera.
Linda Alvarez

We cannot express the joy we are now feeling. You and your team worked very hard and in a very timely fashion to get everything accomplished for us. We appreciate everything you and your team have done. You helped us get our lives back. We will surely recommend you to others.

A close-up photo of a smiling man and woman posing together, both are looking directly at the camera. Vincent Savage has short light-colored hair, and Nilba Savage has long dark hair.
Vincent and Nilba Savage

If you’re looking for an honest lawyer with solid ethics, I highly recommend Matthew J. Jowanna. I found him and his staff to be professional, honest and courteous. During my case, Matt and his staff were always there for me. Matt even answered my emails while he was on vacation. He is a dedicated, honest and ethical man. To put it in just a few words: I trust Matt.

Peter Stolmeier, a man with a beard, wearing suspenders and a hat, laughs heartily with his arms crossed over a wooden bar in a dimly lit setting.
Peter Stolmeier

We wanted to thank you so much for your care and integrity in handling our case. We will highly recommend your law firm at every opportunity we get to do so. Everyone there has been so wonderful to work with, and we just wanted to tell you that we are truly appreciative.

A family portrait showing a smiling Bob and Barbara Carpenter with two young children, one being held and the other resting his head on Barbara's lap.
Bob and Barbara Carpenter

I contacted the Jowanna law firm after being in a car accident. Matthew and his paralegal were very helpful and made the entire process as stress-free as possible. They were able to take care of everything, which left me not worrying about anything. They were always available to answer any questions I had. I would highly recommend the Jowanna law firm to anyone that has to find legal assistance.

A close-up portrait of a smiling woman named Keri Teal with long, straight brown hair, standing outdoors with green foliage in the background.
Keri Teal

I have known Mr. Jowanna for quite a while. He’s a very nice person; he knows what he’s doing; and he takes care of his clients. I really appreciate him because of what he has done for me. He communicates very well with his clients. My friends and family have also dealt with him, and he does his job really well.

An elderly man with a beard smiling warmly, wearing a blue shirt and sitting indoors with soft-focus background. This is Seneque Thomas.
Seneque Thomas

I am truly blessed to have met Mr. Jowanna and his law firm team. The office has a very friendly atmosphere and an excellent group of people who actually take the time to listen. I was kept updated and informed during the entire claim process, and I would definitely use Mr. Jowanna’s law firm again in the future.

A close-up portrait of a smiling young woman named Veronica Martin with shoulder-length straight brown hair and a blurred background.
Veronica Martin

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